Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

 Happy Holidays everyone! The long term break is here, like FINALLY. YAY :D Finally get to relax and sleep at home for numerous hours. (: LOL this is very late XD BUT WHATEVER, I did say Happy Holidays right? RIGHT?
BLABLABLABLABA, look at that picture above. I'm gonna miss that grey starfish there beside me :D Noobie Amily aka wifey. The memories we had together, everything we've been through. Don't worry, they will ALLLLLLLLLL be carved deeply in my mind. They will never be forgotten. Not a single bit. :D Promise me you'll come back to KCH, 'cause we still have lots of crazy stuffs to do together! Like celebrating bdays together, hangout, study, etc. :)

Lol, this year has been a great year for me :D thanks to this gang of people that coloured my life not just rainbows, but also crazy and abnormal colours! LOL wtf am I talking about. Hahaha, I'm just flattered to have a bunch of friends like you guys :) I will always cherish this friendship you guys have given me. Don't worry la XD everyone will get a card made from me la. Especially that lenglui mun -.- housam la, so zilian for what? Won't make card for you de la, aduh. hahah jkjk la :) anyway happy holidays, let's hangout during xmas.! AWWW YEAH, MY XMAS PREZ. AWW YEAHH.

Friday, October 26, 2012

 Wheeeeeeee, celebrated Halloween with my classmates yesterday night (26th Oct) due to Halloween's date is on Tues which is a schooling day so yeah, the celebration was brought forward. TEEHEE, it was kinda rushy yesterday, mom and I had to cook for about 30 people. Fortunately, we only took 5 hours to have it done. XD
Rushed to Xin Yann's house, and saw the gurls wet, while boys dry like dry prawns. WTH la boys, y u guys no play in the pool? They helped me out with the food, changed, and then HECK YEAH JUMPED INTO THE POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL awww yeahhhhhhh. XD We had a really great time, playing under the rain, pushing each other into the pool, scribbling others' face who didn't come with a costume, went to pasar malam in our costumes and clean the place up together. I hope to hold another Halloween party next year with you guys as the guests again (:
Here's our group photo.

SRISCD'12's Halloween Party

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sometimes, life is just like this picture. Some people with power can just give and take whatever they want from you.

I'm going through some hard times. I know I'm not up to the level like colleagues having stressful life, but I'm already having some stressful times right now. It's not me, it's the people around me who is giving me stress. I know results mean a lot. I'm also disappointed with some of my results, but well people does mistakes once or twice. I just need a chance to change, to improve, & to enhance myself. I maybe imperfect but no one out there has the same thing I have.

I promise myself that I will do better next time. Someday you will see. Today you pushed me down the cliff, I won't die, I will find a way back up. You will just lit my fire brighter. I will not give up. (: You may crush me umpteenth times, but I will still look at you and say 'Watch me.'  -yours sincerely, Kim